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Aircrafts involved in the Chinese polar expeditions




XUEYING1 is a helicopter, which is the first aircraft specified for CHINARE.


Model: KA-32
Manufacturer: Russia
Year commissioned for CHINARE: 2009
Length: 11.30 m
Wingspan: 15.9 m
Max. take-off weight: 12.7 t
Range without payload: ca. 800 km
Max. cruising speed:  260 km/ h (Air Speed) 
Crew: 2 pilots, 1 mechanic
Researchers on board for transit flights: 14


Helicopter XUEYING participated the rescue of Akademik Sholalskiy passengers on Junuary 2014, taking off from  XUELONG and then transferring 52 persons from Akademik Sholalskiy to Aurora Australis. View the video below:




XUEYING 601  is the first fixed-wing airplane for CHINARE.

Model: Basler BT-67
Manufacturer: Basler Turbo Conversions
Year commissioned for CHINARE: 2015
Length: 20.66 m
Wingspan: 29 m
Max. take-off weight: 13 t
Range without payload: ca. 3,000 km
Range with 1,000 kg payload: 2,300 km
Max. cruising speed: 
315 km/ h (Air Speed) 
Min. cruising speed: 167 km/ h
Crew: 2 pilots, 1 mechanic
Researchers on board for transit flights: 18

(Technical data depend on various parameters including weather conditions, actual weight and type of manoeuvre; accordingly, they can vary greatly in individual cases.)


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