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  A new website of journal Advances in Polar Science is available
Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) announces the launch of the new website for journal Advances in Polar Science(APS), which are informative, and convenient for international readers.
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  Northern invaders threaten Antarctic marine life
An international study led by The Australian National University (ANU) has found evidence that marine life can easily invade Antarctic waters from the north, and could be poised to colonise the rapidly-warming Antarctic marine ecosystems.
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  2015 National Annual Report on Polar Program
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1808    2016-05-20 17:44:33
  International meeting to be held in Chile to boost cooperation on Antarctic affairs
The 39th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, set to take place in Chile from May 23 to June 1, is expected to help enhance cooperation on Antarctic affairs.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1801    2016-05-05 11:34:47
  China charting a new course
China announced plans on Tuesday to help ships under its flag navigate the Arctic via a Northwest Passage route that will be 30 percent shorter than the ocean passages traditionally used to connect the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Panama Canal.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1800    2016-04-22 11:33:29
  China's 32nd expedition team returns home from Antarctica
Chinese icebreaker "Xuelong", meaning Snow Dragon in English, is anchored in the dock in Shanghai, east China, April 12, 2016, after conducting the country's 32nd scientific expedition to Antarctica. The icebreaker, carrying a 277-member expedition team, covered about 30,000 nautical miles in the 158-day expedition.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1790    2016-04-13 09:22:36
  Scientists debate impact of rising sea levels on country's coastal environment
Average sea levels are rising faster in China's coastal region than most other places in the world, affecting the coastal environment in various ways, the national marine authority said. Instead of only threatening the relocation of communities and homes in the short term, rising seas are also causing damage to coastal soil and vegetation.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1792    2016-03-30 10:32:33
  Chinese icebreaker Xuelong left Zhongshan Station On March 5
Chinese icebreaker Xuelong, carrying 140 researchers who completed the scientific expedition tasks left Zhongshan Station On March 5, 2016. In the coming winter of the Antarctica, 19 researchers will continue to stay at the Zhongshan Station for routine wintering observation tasks as well as station opreation and maintenance.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1755    2016-03-08 16:55:30
  Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis successfully refloated near Mawson station
The Australian Antarctic Division has commended maritime rescue crews for successfully refloating Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis, two days after it ran aground in Antarctica.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1748    2016-02-29 09:55:23
  China to further explore Antarctic, deep sea this year
China will explore the Antarctic and the deep sea with newly-developed equipment this year, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1741    2016-02-11 10:35:03
  Chinese icebreaker “Xuelong” reaches Ross Sea in Antarctica
On Feb. 6, 2016, the Chinese icebreaker "Xuelong", or Snow Dragon, stops on the Ross Sea in Antarctica. Team members of Chinese scientific research of the 32nd Antarctic expedition on the icebreaker reached the Ross Sea for scientific research.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1740    2016-02-09 09:53:17
  SCAR 2016 Open Science Conference Registration Open
We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the SCAR 2016 Open Science Conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 22-26 August 2016. This conference will focus on Antarctica in the Global Earth System: From the Poles to the Tropics and how the changes that we are currently seeing in Antarctica will affect the rest of the world.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1727    2016-01-20 16:50:14
  Live the life he dreamed of—full of adventure
David Wood, 62, Canadian Pilot, died, on 12thJanuary, from injuries after falling into a crevasse in West Ice Shelf,Antarctica.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1726    2016-01-20 16:43:08
  SCTF Meeting Local Information March 3-4, 2016
Dear SCTF delegates, Happy new year to all of you and the very best wishes for 2016. Please find attached a document containing practical information for the next SCTF meeting which will take place in Arlington, Virginia, USA on March 3-4.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1718    2016-01-11 08:50:38
  Two Chinese expedition teams set off for Antarctic inland
Chinese researchers gathered near the Zhongshan Antarctic Station, a Chinese scientific research base in Antarctica, before leaving for Antarctic inland, Dec 15, 2015.
gb_news.php?modid=13001&id=1703    2015-12-17 15:07:23
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